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We are a street food van inspired by spice cookery from the Middle East to India and we're super passionate about good food! High quality, locally sourced ingredients, free range meat and poultry are all part of our passion for producing quality humble food. We are a small owner run business with all of the food being prepared by owner Lance. Curries, tagines and shawarma are just some of the dishes we love cooking. 


We can cater for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and most other dietary requirements.



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Our van can be found trading at markets and events around the Bristol area.

2nd - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11.30-4pm
7th - Thurs - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
9th - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11.30-4pm
13th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
14th - Thurs - Temple Quay 12-2pm
16th - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11.30-4pm

20th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm

21st - Thurs - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm

22nd - Fri - Cheston Combe, Backwell  - 5.30pm-7.30pm

27th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
28th - Thurs - Temple Quay 12-2pm
30th - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11.30-4pm
4th - Thurs - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
6th - Sat - Windmill Hill City Farm - cancelled 
10th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
11th - Thurs - Temple Quay 12-2pm
13th - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11-4pm

17th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm

18th - Thurs - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm

19th - Fri - Cheston Combe, Backwell 5.30-7.30pm

24th - Wed - The Harbourside Market 12-2.30pm
25th - Thurs - Temple Quay 12-2pm
27th - Sat - The Harbourside Market 11-4pm


Our Food

Example dishes:


Served on pilaf rice or sourdough naan bread with appropriate garnish


Persian Pulled Lamb Shawarma

Slow roast lamb shoulder marinated in Middle Eastern spices, garlic, sumac & preserved lemon


Chermoula Chicken

Free range thigh meat cooked in a Moroccan paste of spices, herbs and lemon


Chicken Tikka Masala

Free range chicken thigh meat, marinated, roasted and then simmered in a masala sauce


Sri Lankan Black Pork Curry

Slow braised pork belly in a dark roasted spice mix cooked with tamarind and curry leaves


Coconut, Split Chick Pea & Spinach Curry

cooked with fresh curry leaves, lime and cardamon (Vegan)


Aubergine, Tomato, Butterbean Tagine

Cooked with preserved lemons, olives, cinnmamon and a hint of harissa (Vegan)


All of our dishes are cooked gluten free and are therefore gluten free in a rice bowl. Dairy free and vegan options are also always available.


Private Functions

Suitable for outdoor private functions providing a fun and interesting element to your event. We do everything from wedding evenings meals to corporate events with a great track record.


Please note: We only take bookings for pre paid events with a minimum spend applicable





Our Values

We run our business with a sustainable approach supporting the local economy wherever possible. 


We only use free range / high welfare meat and poultry sourced from the South West


We have a commitment to reducing our impact on the planet by travelling less miles, sourcing ingredients with less miles and purchasing products with the least amount of plastic packaging possible. 


Get in touch!

If you would like any more information then please feel free to email.



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